What’s yours is mine?

Funny story – the Husband and S were playing in the living room when she accidentally broke one of her plastic rings. “Oh no” she says frowning, “I need to go buy another one.” Amused, the Husband asks, “Go buy another one? Do you have money to buy another one?” S says “Yes, I have money. I have a lot of money.” The Husband asks, “Where is it?”

She replies, “in Appa’s (Dad’s) wallet.”

Smart girl.

Rodeo y’all!

We had a blast at the rodeo this past weekend! Yeehaw!

The rodeo ain’t just for cowboys y’all. After moving to this city, I always debated with the Husband over the magnitude of this rodeo. He always insisted that it’s a really big deal that attracts the hottest music acts. I always responded, how big can a rodeo with dem horses and dem cowboys be?  Well, he was right (daggumit). It is a pretty dang big deal,  does attract some pretty big stars and was a lot of honky tonky fun!  Cause we’s in Texas y’all! Ok, I’ll stop now.

And there’s actually a ton of things for the kiddos to do too – animals, rides, games, prizes, food!

Funny in hindsight story – Our little animal lover was pretty excited to go into the petting zoo. From the line, we could see all kinds of animals – sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, llamas, and others – and she was itching to get in there. You can buy feed to give to the animals before you go in, so we did. And all was fine when we first got in, with S finding a cute baby goat to pet. But then these animals began to realize that we had food and they started coming at us aggressively, looking for something to eat.  One big goat came fast at S and I and she got freaked out.  It scared me too but luckily, I found the courage to quickly snap a pic of my crying daughter before grabbing her and running off.   A big ole llama even bum rushed the Husband and startled him to the point where he dropped all his feed, which is probably what they were trying to get him to  do. After that, S was too scared to pet any of the other animals in there.   So we left and took her on a pony ride and she was happy again.  It’s funny though cause even now, days later, when I talk to her about what we did at the rodeo, the first thing she’ll say is “No goats!”












No hands Ma!

S has discovered pockets. Now, she just can’t get enough of them. Stay tuned for more pictures with no hands.


Happy Birthday B&B!

We went to the cutest birthday party this weekend. It was the 3rd birthday of our close family friends B&B. At the party, they had a train that circled around the neighborhood and the kids loved it. S would not get off when the train ride ended. She just wanted to keep riding it over and over again. And so we rode it over and over again. She wins.

It’s hard to believe our favorite twins B&B are already three. We’ve known these guys since birth so it’s really incredible to see how far they’ve come and how much they’ve grown. And they’re such sweet boys and such good friends to S. We’re so blessed to have them in our lives! And yet, despite all these warm feelings, I don’t have a pic of her with them on their birthday. Boo.





2013 RECAP

Yes, I know it’s now mid-Jan 2014. And my last real post was about 4 months ago…
No excuses, just pictures.

September – Los Angeles

family time at the zoo/Christie’s beautiful wedding/halmuhnee’s birthday!

IMG_0003_2 IMG_0011_2 IMG_0005_2 IMG_0006_2 IMG_0009_2





Halloween in October

pumpkin carving

IMG_3715 IMG_3722 IMG_3730 IMG_3744

pumpkin painting party

IMG_3756 IMG_3762 IMG_3768 IMG_3795  IMG_3812


Dewberry Farms

IMG_3842 IMG_3846 IMG_3931 IMG_3939 IMG_3935 IMG_3943 IMG_3979 IMG_3976 IMG_4039 IMG_4071 IMG_4076 IMG_4096 IMG_4090

Thanksmas with the Ji family

IMG_4138 IMG_4139




holiday card photos

IMG_4157 IMG_4182 IMG_4186 IMG_4214

S’ 2nd Birthday!

IMG_4259 IMG_4263 IMG_4267 IMG_4276

Christmas with the Kims



IMG_4292 IMG_4298   IMG_4300

happy new year!